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Add To Cart859AR15/M16 30 Round Milspec Metal Magazines Mfg. by C ProductsAR15 / M16 30 Round Magazines. American Manufacture. Stainless Steal with black phosphate finish. Comes with a grey anti tilt follower. These magazines meet and exceed US Milspec Regulation. Extremely High Quality. You will get a box of 10 magazines per each order. $150
Add To Cart857AK47 30 Round Magazines Romanian Unissued 10 PackK47 30 Round Magazines Romanian Unissued. These are the real deal Unissued Military Surplus. They may have a few light scratches from storage / Handling. But we would call the condition very good to excellent condition. You will receive a box of 10 of these magazines. $208
Add To Cart45150 BMG Assisted opening KnifeThese are real cool. They open just like a switch blade . They look just like a 50BMG round and press the button and out comes the blade. We left the shipping low so you can buy a bunch as these make the coolest steak knifes to do your table setting with. $14