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Add To Cart1068AK47 40 Round Magazines Mfg. By KCI 3 PackAK47 40 Round Magazines Mfg. by KCI in Korea. Nice shiny black finish. We are selling them in a 3 pack. This is a new item. We took it out and tested them and they seem to work real well. $63
Add To Cart175Mosin Nagant Trigger Spring KitThis is a neat setup that takes the forward flop out of your Mosin Nagant trigger and gives you a smoother lighter trigger pull. Helps improve accuracy. Comes with easy to follow directions. Free shipping. $8
Add To Cart69Glock 18 Magazines 33 Rounders Fits all 9mm Glock PistolsHi Cap Glock Magazines in 9mm.They have metal feed lips and are manufactured by KCI in Korea who has made Glock Magazines for over 30 years. Fits All Glock Models in 9mm. $17