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Add To Cart219AR15 / M16 30 Rd Gen M2 PMags (3 Mags)Generation M2. Brand new in wrapper. Magpul P Mags, Black, No Windows. 30 round 223 / 5.56. You will receive 3 magazines for each order. Breaks out to $15.00 Ea. $50
Add To Cart350MAGPUL P Mag GEN 3 AR/M4 et al with windows (4 Magazines per order)Magpul Gen 3 30 round magazine with windows. These mags will fit the M16/ AR15 /M4/ HK416/ FN Scar/ MK16/16S/SA-80/M27 (IAR) You will get 4 magazines per order ea also comes with removable dust covers. $83
Add To Cart1322Bumpski Bump Fire Stock for AK47 Mfg. by FostechBumpFire Stock manufactured by Fostech. These are called the BUMPSKI. These go on any AK47 that has a stamped receiver. These are metal and far superior quality to the slide fire product which are plastic. Buy it now before the premiums get attached as these things are definitely on the liberal hit list. Not only that but they are a blast to shoot. Basically full auto fire at a fraction of the cost of a transferable machine gun. Still Totally Legal. Specify in user notes if you're a right or left handed shooter. $665