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Add To Cart482AR15 M16 Brass CatcherAR15 / M16 Brass Catcher. This Brass catcher has a Velcro strap that goes around the hand-guards. Fits all of the styles of hand guards / rails due to Velcro. Netting covering metal frame fits against ejection port. Catches all your brass and holds 60 / 5.56 cases. Zipper on bottom so you can empty brass without removing device. Slap another mag in and keep firing. $16
Add To Cart45150 BMG Assisted opening KnifeThese are real cool. They open just like a switch blade . They look just like a 50BMG round and press the button and out comes the blade. We left the shipping low so you can buy a bunch as these make the coolest steak knifes to do your table setting with. $14
Add To Cart440Lula Loader AK47 or AR15AK47 & AR15 Lula loader. These are probably the most effortless loader out there. These really make life a whole lot easier on the thumb. Manufactured in Israel. Specify in user notes if you want a loader for an AR15 or AK47. $30