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Add To Cart759MagLula Bench Loader for AR15/ M16. If you want the fastest and absolute best loader out there.223 / 5.56 Bench Loader manufactured by Lula in Israel. This is by far the coolest easiest to operate and fastest AR15 / M16 / M4 loader out there. You can effortlessly load mag after mag with ease and quickness. Will fit standard aluminum mil-spec magazines as well as Magpul or any other 30 round magazine for these rifles. We used to sell these in the past for $450.00. They discontinued those CNC mfg. Bench-loaders and replaced it with these injection moulded units for 1/3 the price. We will stake our reputation on this product. Comes with a bag to carry it in too. $145
Add To Cart219AR15 / M16 30 Rd Gen M2 PMags (3 Mags)Generation M2. Brand new in wrapper. Magpul P Mags, Black, No Windows. 30 round 223 / 5.56. You will receive 3 magazines for each order. Breaks out to $15.00 Ea. $50
Add To Cart419Ruger Mini 14 & AC 556 Speed Loader These are Speed loaders for the Ruger Mini 14. Loads effortlessly 5 rounds at a time and speeds up the process significantly. Definitely will take a big load off of your fingers. Basically the same loaders that come with a 100 Rd Beta Drum Mag. They are KCI mfg. Works for Ruger Mini 14 & Ruger AC 556. $11